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Business Network International (BNI) and breaking the rules!

Every Thursday morning at 7am I attend a meeting of our local Business Network International (BNI) chapter. During this meeting we all provide a 60 second infomercial to the other chapter members and visitors. This allows everyone to find out a little more about Luxgraphicus, and to be on the look out for ideal clients to refer to us. I, in return, listen to their infomercials and endeavour to bring more business to them.

I thought this blog would be a good repository for the content of these 60 sec informercials, whilst also allowing others to learn more about Luxgraphicus and our ideal clients.

This weeks 60 secs follows…

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, Creative Director for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

This week I’d like to talk again about the rules.

Last week, my talk of breaking rules was clearly a disturbing concept for some of you in this room.

So let me use this small example to re-assure you that whilst actively seeking to break rules in the creative realm, we also seek to follow the rules in the technical and production field.

This week we have prepared a clients advertising for publication in a local newspaper.

The artwork was supplied electronically to the paper as a PDF file. The colour mode was CMYK, the resolution 300ppi. All fonts were embedded or outlined. Transparency flattening was set to high resolution. Bleed was allowed for and all printers marks were included.

These were the production rules required by the publication and at Luxgraphicus, we make following these rules an everyday part of our process.

Luxgraphicus, this week I can tell you what it’s Latin for … we know the rules, that’s why we can break them!

See you all next week…



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