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Trees and small business branding

the best small businesses are watching their branding

What have trees got to do with branding?

Not much you’d think, on first examination. However, I was reading recently of the fears held in my home town of Canberra for the iconic trees of the “bush” capital. Seems that they may be in danger of dying, or at least becoming less healthy or prevalent, and thereby, diminishing that iconic effect associated with the bush feeling.

The article did propose a solution. One which used terminology familiar to my designer ears, or eyes in this case as I was reading.

I’ll paraphrase here, for clarity.

The urban forest is so important to the identity of the city. The recommendations of the investigation would inform the way in which the trees were managed.  The process would involve a tree audit to help manage and understand the forest.

Some key issues are identified here and relate directly to how any important resource should be handled. The resource in this instance is the identity of the city. In the case of a business it is the business identity.

The thing which is iconic to the identity in the case of Canberra, is its trees. What is it in the case of your business?

To make sure the identity is maintained, the iconic elements need to be measured and understood. This is done through an audit process. So to with a business.

So to lay this out in simple terms, audit and understand, then manage and maintain the iconic elements, in order to retain, re-inforce or build the identity.

Trees in Canberra, identity collateral in your business, there is little difference. The need to understand and manage is the same. You can achieve this through a logical and planned audit process, followed by a structured management system.

Luxgraphicus provides both the audit and management systems to its clients through it’s “unity” program, and then supports it with it’s own professional design and production services.

Want to know more? Contact us any time and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting and discuss things in detail.



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