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Tis the season to be branding.

This time each year I normally talk about re-branding, and use a familiar icon of the time to illustrate how brand can influence perception and help your audience to identify with your business.

So lets look at how we might re-brand that icon of the Christmas season which seems to have been taken over by the corporate and commercial world that is modern Christmas, Santa Clause.

Lots of opportunity here to fiddle with looks, colours, and audience perception.

Lets try for a different audience, hipper, young adults. They buy lots of expensive, hi tech stuff at Christmas. They want a cooler, tougher, Santa. One who doesn’t pander to little kids pathetic whims. A rebel the audience can connect and identify with…

Enter, hard rocking, hard drinking, Santa!


Hard rocking, hard drinking Santa

What about looking from a different angle? Teenage and early twenties males, older men in mid-life crisis mode, aspiring females (this is a perverse angle, true). What would attract this audience?

Enter, sexy Santa!

Sexy Santa

Or, then there is always the safe option. Family friendly, good for the young kids, traditional, big audience acceptance here…

Yes, it’s fat and friendly Santa Clause!

Friendly and fat Santa

And, for this year especially! How about we take up the most influential brand currently on the planet. Huge audience appeal, trend setter to the biggest market in the world …

Of course it’s, Oprah Clause!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Santa

Which Santa would you choose to take the brand into the next century?

Clearly there are pitfalls in several options. But is staying put therefore the best option?

Branding, and even more so, re-branding, are critical business decisions which need to be carefully thought through, planned and implemented.

To stand still could well mean irrelevancy and ultimately, failure. But make sure the change is done well and make use of professionals to guide you through the potential pitfalls.

I think Santa is safe for the time being, although Oprah does seem quite friendly and, if I’m not mistaken, seems to be getting fatter too!


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