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Shiny Things!
January 17, 2011, 8:04 am
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I realised today, probably belatedly, that I like making shiny things.

If something isn’t shiny, then I like to make it shiny. It doesn’t need to be shiny, it just can be shiny.

Recently I polished the floorboards in our lounge room after ripping up the awful old carpet. I really enjoyed the process. The filling of holes and cracks, the sanding, the numerous coats of varnish with more sanding between each.

Shiny floor

It’s now shiny! It looks great. People like to come into the room and walk on the floor. It adds amenity to the space and value too. The floor isn’t a better floor now. I haven’t made it stronger, or more useful as a floor. But people perceive it’s value as greater.

Why? Because it’s shiny!

I’ve also just made some wooden boxes to hold camping gear. (holiday activities you might notice) I’m very keen to add some more unnecessary coats of varnish to these too. It is sure to give them added value, plus I like sanding and varnishing, and looking at shiny things.

Making things look and feel shiny, or more polished, or professional, or targeted, or appropriate, or even just easier to read, gives the underlying material more value. Our old lounge room floor was just as good a floor before its makeover. It stopped us falling through to the dirt underneath. We could walk on it, put our chairs and TV on it, but it wasn’t as valuable. We didn’t enjoy walking on it. We didn’t want to show it to our friends. Others didn’t comment on how good it looked, wished they had one just like it, or contemplate doing the same themselves.

Designers like to make things shiny. The basic content, the marketing messages, the delivery method, they may all be created by others and be just as strong, but when a designer polishes them into a beautiful shiny thing, people want to look at it, they want to have one too and they want to show it to others.

Make your stuff shiny too and others will want one just like it.

I’m off to put the next coat of varnish on my wooden camping boxes.


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Deadlines and working late

Working late

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

Late yesterday we got an email, followed by a phone call to check that we’d got the email.

Emergency, the ad for the paper had been specified at the wrong size, can we re-size it for the deadline?

Not the clients fault, the newspaper account rep had told them, and so us, the incorrect size for that edition.

So we re-sized the ad overnight and forwarded it through to both the client and the newspaper.

Looking now at my email this morning I notice a confirmation email from the client to the paper at 10.54pm, (long after I was in bed I might ad!) OK’ing the ad for press.

At Luxgraphicus, we’ll work late to meet your deadline, but only if you work later!

“Luxgraphicus”, it’s Latin for… fashionably late!

Brian. (this weeks BNI 60 second infomercial)

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The Luxgraphicus story and a little bit of philosophy…

As Luxgraphicus creative director, I have nearly 20 years experience in the visual communications industry. My life experience ranges from photographing bungy jumping to sailing yachts to feeding crocodiles to auditing government departments. I’m still unsure of what I’ll do when I grow up but hope to keep learning and experiencing life. I can usually see more than one side to every situation and always encourage others to also.

Brian Miller – Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency

Years ago I went to university. Architecture was the course, and I managed to last 6 months!

Since I was a kid I had always drawn plans of houses and had an interest in technical drawing. Logically this lead me into architecture. However, the prospect of a six year course of study at the age of 19, with no money to spend and a girl friend 300kms away meant that logic had little to do with keeping focused on the course at hand. My experience has allowed me some sympathy for students which I teach now, as they struggle with direction and focus.

Fast forward to the early nineties and you’ll find me making use of my teenage interest in photography. After selling cameras and running a photo lab, I helped AJ Hackett with photography of his bungy jumping operation, then moved on to my own photography business. Back then the business name was different, but on moving to Canberra I felt a need to progress, so along came Luxgraphicus.

Many people have troubles pronouncing Luxgraphicus and spelling Luxgraphicus, as well as understanding what Luxgraphicus means. The greek word we are all familiar with is photography. Luxgraphicus is the Latin derivative of this. Lux for light, Graphicus for drawing. I think I made it up actually, rather than it being a traditional Latin word. Did the Romans have cameras?

Computers played a big part in the next major development of Luxgraphicus. They allowed me to work with my photography, but also to produce marketing material of my own. And then for others. Photography started to seem less exciting, while design offered both personal and business development opportunities.

And so I moved into the Graphic design field and became Luxgraphicus, Design Agency.

Along the way I’ve managed to find time to study for, and finish, diplomas in Photography and in Graphic Design, both from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

Not long after finishing my Photography diploma, and whilst still studying for the Design diploma I found myself teaching at CIT. This quickly expanded into various teaching posts at local institutions, CIT, University of Canberra and Australian Business Academy, as well as community access arts organisation, Photoaccess. Teaching still provides a valuable avenue for personal development as well as a satisfaction in seeing others develop and prosper.

Whether it is a compulsive obsession, or just an eye for detail and finish, I continue to seek out excellence in visual communication.
Keeping others businesses looking fabulous just seems like a natural progression from all those years ago.


Welcome to Luxgraphicus Design Agency.
October 16, 2009, 7:59 pm
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