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5 tips on branding your business

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Here’s an opportunity to evaluate how you are looking after your business brand.

  1. If design is not your profession, hire a professional.
  2. Review your brand and it’s purpose regularly (every 6 months).
  3. Apply brand rules across ALL aspects of your business.
  4. Apply brand rules ALL the time.
  5. Be consistent and stick to a single solution.

Call us NOW to apply these tips, and more to your business.

Or email us, or see our website for more info and tools to help you.

Creative Director
Luxgraphicus Design Agency

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Trees and Unity – now on subscription!

It was a year ago on this blog that I wrote about trees and business branding.

Unity brand management

iconic to the identity of the city

The topic came up from an article in the local press about preserving the valuable iconic street trees around Canberra. The need to audit, manage, understand and maintain the resource, as the critical identity of the city, struck a cord with me.

In business, the identity of the business is a critical resource which is often neglected. Not through a deliberate act, but as the result of a lack of process. How can the identity be looked after?

Like the trees of the city!

Through a process of audit, manage, understand and maintain. A process driven by an expert in the field.

Does the expert need to water and prune the trees? Not really.

They may be needed in cases of emergency or particularly tricky or unusual circumstance. But generally they should be the ones auditing and recommending approaches.

Some expert work will need to be done at certain stages, but much of the process is maintenance. Routine stuff, which will make sure the resource is looked after.

But which is routine and which requires the critical input of the expert?

The process should prescribe this. The audits, recommendations and understanding of the expert will set up a system which can be followed.

Luxgraphicus has such a system for business. It allows for the management of the critical resource, the identity of the business.

Through audits, understanding and management, the identity is looked after. Sometimes by the expert designers at Luxgraphicus, but always by the business itself.

Unity brand management

how are you looking after your iconic resource?

And this is not a one off action. It is a process. Continuously and regularly applied.

This ongoing nature of the process means that the best way to offer this service is by an ongoing subscription. And now, Luxgraphicus clients can subscribe to “Unity”, our brand management service, on a quarterly subscription basis.

The best businesses are watching their branding.

Make it an easy process by subscribing to “Unity” with Luxgraphicus.


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Who needs a designer?

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

Have you had a light bulb moment lately?

Last week I was asked  – “what would a business person be saying that would indicate that they might need a new business identity or re-branding?”

Chances are that those most in need of new or re-branded identities wouldn’t be saying anything about it at all! Those who would interest a designer as a potential client however might be talking about their marketing plan, or plans they have for growing their business, or entering  a new market. They would be giving off clues that they were proactively taking their business on a path towards success.

I answered a research survey from a personal development coach today. By completing the survey and returning it I identified myself as their target audience. I was clearly ready to begin to accept the help of a coach in my development. All people would benefit from these services but it is vital that they, themselves see that they need and are ready for this help. Like the light bulb which can be changed by the single psychiatrist, so long as it wants to change, I was accepting that I too was ready to be helped. The questionaire survey raised several issues which swayed me in the direction of the coaching help, but just by taking the time and effort to start the survey rather than dump it in the bin, was evidence enough that I was ready to take the first steps with the coach. We could all do well by working with a development coach, but we have to want to. In fact it is often those who most need the help that are most unready to accept that help.

Similarly, all business could do well by working with a designer on the audit and review of their existing visual identity. Ongoing management of its application and access to its components for operational and marketing activities will ensure a consistent message delivery. This involvement can also identify areas for improvement and potential need to re-brand or re-fresh the existing branding details.

Those businesses in most need of this service will probably not place any value on it. They will dismiss the effort and resources required as unnecessary or wasteful. They are not ready for the change. They are not the audience of the designer. The designers audience are managing their business towards success. They have plans and they are carrying out those plans. A marketing plan will be key amongst those plans and the delivery of its messages will rely on visual design.

The business person may not know they have need for new design, but they will accept that doing an audit of their visual material is a worthwhile process, and one which could help them on their path towards success. Like the coach’s questionaire, accepting that doing the audit is not a waste of time is the first step in working with a designer to drive the success of the business.

It only takes one good designer to create a fabulous business identity, but the business has to want a fabulous identity!


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Make like a Franchise

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

This week we are we are making like a franchise.

Anyone who has read, or even talked to someone who has read, the E-Myth, will understand the need for systems in their business.

Even if you don’t plan to turn your business into a franchised operation, setting it up as if you were going to places you in a strong position to succeed.

This applies as much to aspects like branding and controlling the image of your business, as it does to operational processes in your business.

Big business wont let the whim of individuals set the tone for the image or brand of the company, they prescribe a set of rules to follow whenever anything is created or used which visually represents the business.

Luxgraphicus can help small business do exactly this too.

Visit our website at to access tools to help you do it yourself, and services and systems which will create, apply and mange your business identity for you in a professional manner.

“Luxgraphicus”, this week it’s Latin for Make like a franchise.

Brian. (Start to this weeks BNI 10 minute talk)

Luxgraphicus systems – click to enlarge

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Tools for small business to help manage their brand

the best small businesses are watching their branding

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency.

This week we are again helping small business to manage their brand with tools which are available from our website.

All small business people can go to our website and access our report which reveals why the best small businesses are watching their branding.

They can download a checklist to help them self audit their existing visual branding collateral.

They can review our service commitment to our clients.

They can take advantage of our no cost, low risk, 30 minute brand audit offer.

And they can view samples of how we have helped other small businesses to look fabulous!

All these tools are available to any small business, now and for free from our website.

Who knows a small business which wants free help to manage their brand?

Luxgraphicus, its Latin for visual brand management.

Brian. (this weeks BNI 60 second infomercial)

Trees and small business branding

the best small businesses are watching their branding

What have trees got to do with branding?

Not much you’d think, on first examination. However, I was reading recently of the fears held in my home town of Canberra for the iconic trees of the “bush” capital. Seems that they may be in danger of dying, or at least becoming less healthy or prevalent, and thereby, diminishing that iconic effect associated with the bush feeling.

The article did propose a solution. One which used terminology familiar to my designer ears, or eyes in this case as I was reading.

I’ll paraphrase here, for clarity.

The urban forest is so important to the identity of the city. The recommendations of the investigation would inform the way in which the trees were managed.  The process would involve a tree audit to help manage and understand the forest.

Some key issues are identified here and relate directly to how any important resource should be handled. The resource in this instance is the identity of the city. In the case of a business it is the business identity.

The thing which is iconic to the identity in the case of Canberra, is its trees. What is it in the case of your business?

To make sure the identity is maintained, the iconic elements need to be measured and understood. This is done through an audit process. So to with a business.

So to lay this out in simple terms, audit and understand, then manage and maintain the iconic elements, in order to retain, re-inforce or build the identity.

Trees in Canberra, identity collateral in your business, there is little difference. The need to understand and manage is the same. You can achieve this through a logical and planned audit process, followed by a structured management system.

Luxgraphicus provides both the audit and management systems to its clients through it’s “unity” program, and then supports it with it’s own professional design and production services.

Want to know more? Contact us any time and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting and discuss things in detail.