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Professional branding and BNI

Brian Miller – Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency

This weeks BNI  60 secs follows…

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

This week we’ve been talking with a new client who is watching their branding and looking to expand their business.

They need to present themselves as quality, professional providers to potential clients who have high standards and requirements.

We will develop materials for their marketing kit, posters and banners for their presentations at conferences and trade shows, and a marketing voucher.

We’ve recommended that this voucher offers something of value to potential customers so they can try the businesses services at no risk and low cost.

All this material will be created to fit within the existing visual branding of the business, ensuring it continues to reinforce the brand already established.

So a good referral for us this week would be a business looking to grow by presenting themselves as high quality professionals.

Luxgraphicus, this week it’s Latin for … helping you to watch your brand!

See you all next week…