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Brand Management

Green light on a great brand

Most small and medium businesses don’t have in-house design departments. Why would they need one?

They need one because a casual relationship with a designer or design studio, or swapping from one designer to another will result in mis-managed and inconsistent application of vital visual branding.

Confused messages mean confused clients and customers.

But how to afford your own designer or in-house design department?

Luxgraphicus managed design services!

You might be looking to re-brand or create a new brand.

You might want to keep your current brand fresh and working for you.

You might need your website and email marketing looked after.

You’ll probably like to have all your printing managed by experts.

And, you’d expect to be be looked after as a valued client, by getting the best value for your money for ongoing design requirements.

Luxgraphicus managed services will manage your corporate identity, including provision of licensing and copyright assurance. We’ll keep your business looking fabulous and your messages consistent. No more confused clients!

We will look after your website to make sure it is upto date and working as a valuable tool for your business. You don’t need to be a technical expert and you can get on with the business of running your business.

Your email marketing will be managed and maintained, and be visual consistent with all your other marketing material.

Printing of your marketing material will happen seamlessly. With the finished product delivered to your office, or offices.

And, now that you have decided that using Luxgraphicus as your own in-house design consultant is a great idea, as our valued client, you’ll receive bundle discounts on any ongoing design projects.

No more confused messages or confused clients. No more inconsistent branding. Confidence around licensing and copyright issues. Logos and artwork looked after and managed for you. Fixed pricing and regular invoicing. Access to your own, consultant designer. Regular audits and ongoing service.

All small and medium businesses will benefit from Luxgraphicus managed design services.

Brian. (Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency)

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Who needs a designer?

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

Have you had a light bulb moment lately?

Last week I was asked  – “what would a business person be saying that would indicate that they might need a new business identity or re-branding?”

Chances are that those most in need of new or re-branded identities wouldn’t be saying anything about it at all! Those who would interest a designer as a potential client however might be talking about their marketing plan, or plans they have for growing their business, or entering  a new market. They would be giving off clues that they were proactively taking their business on a path towards success.

I answered a research survey from a personal development coach today. By completing the survey and returning it I identified myself as their target audience. I was clearly ready to begin to accept the help of a coach in my development. All people would benefit from these services but it is vital that they, themselves see that they need and are ready for this help. Like the light bulb which can be changed by the single psychiatrist, so long as it wants to change, I was accepting that I too was ready to be helped. The questionaire survey raised several issues which swayed me in the direction of the coaching help, but just by taking the time and effort to start the survey rather than dump it in the bin, was evidence enough that I was ready to take the first steps with the coach. We could all do well by working with a development coach, but we have to want to. In fact it is often those who most need the help that are most unready to accept that help.

Similarly, all business could do well by working with a designer on the audit and review of their existing visual identity. Ongoing management of its application and access to its components for operational and marketing activities will ensure a consistent message delivery. This involvement can also identify areas for improvement and potential need to re-brand or re-fresh the existing branding details.

Those businesses in most need of this service will probably not place any value on it. They will dismiss the effort and resources required as unnecessary or wasteful. They are not ready for the change. They are not the audience of the designer. The designers audience are managing their business towards success. They have plans and they are carrying out those plans. A marketing plan will be key amongst those plans and the delivery of its messages will rely on visual design.

The business person may not know they have need for new design, but they will accept that doing an audit of their visual material is a worthwhile process, and one which could help them on their path towards success. Like the coach’s questionaire, accepting that doing the audit is not a waste of time is the first step in working with a designer to drive the success of the business.

It only takes one good designer to create a fabulous business identity, but the business has to want a fabulous identity!


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Expert design consultant

unity for small business

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

This week an ongoing client contacted us.

They wanted a pull-up banner for use when they give presentations and seminars.

We have already created their business identity, their website design,  business card and brochure.

Their banner will follow the style and rules already established and their brand will be strengthened. People seeing this business will be reassured about its professionalism, stability, and capacity to deliver.

This business has their own expert design consultant ensuring their brand is developed and maintained across all their visual material.

So a good referral for us this week is a business which wants to have their own expert design consultant, working with their business.

“Luxgraphicus”, it’s Latin for… expert design consultant.


This weeks BNI 60 sec infomercial

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Email Marketing

Good morning all
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus Design Agency

email marketing

This week I’d like to talk about email marketing.

Who would like a system which allows customers to automatically sign-up to their newsletter list from their website?

Who would like to know who has opened their newsletter, or who has clicked through on the links in it?

Who would like custom HTML emails which support their brand by looking like their website and brochures?

Who would like someone to do it all for you each month with your own custom content?

Luxgraphicus has solutions to all these issues. Just give us a call, or click on the link on our home page to read more.

“Luxgraphicus”, it’s Latin for email marketing!

Brian (BNI 60 second infomercial)

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Email Marketing, newsletters and BNI

Good morning all,
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus Design Agency

the best small businesses are watching their branding

This week we’ve been doing some email marketing for ourselves.

We’ve been confirming our email listing, to make sure everyone on it is happy to keep receiving our now to be regular newsletters.

So if you’ve received an email from me, just click the confirmation link and you’ll get your newsletter soon.

If you’d like to receive our newsletter, and who wouldn’t, you can also sign up from our home page

Also, if you would like an email marketing system like this for your business, find out how from our website.

We can set you up from a range of service options ranging from do it yourself through to full monthly management.

So a great referral for us this week would be a business which is looking to take advantage of the power of email marketing.

“Luxgraphicus”, this week, it’s Latin for email marketing!

Brian. (BNI 60 second infomercial)

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Visual form for a marketing strategy – BNI 60 seconds

This week’s Business Network International 60 second infomercial follows;

Good morning all…
Brian Miller, for Luxgraphicus, Design Agency

visual form to marketing strategy

give your strategy a visual form!

This week we’re working with a new client who has done everything right.

They are entering a new market and done their market research well. They have come to Luxgraphicus through one of our favourite marketing partners and so they have all the good oil on who their audience is, how they want to approach this audience and what tactics to use.

Their marketing consultant has provided a creative brief as well as copy for their adverts. Now it’s our job to put a visual form to the strategy, and prepare the artwork for press.

So, a good referral for us this week would be a business which has a marketing strategy and is prepared to take the steps needed to implement it well.

“Luxgraphicus”, this week it’s Latin for “implementing your marketing strategy”.


Is it marketing, or advertising, or branding, or design?

Brian Miller – Creative Director, Luxgraphicus Design Agency

Recently in discussions with business colleagues and clients, an issue of semantics and definition has arisen.

Those involved may not have realised they were entering into such murky waters. The concepts may well be crystal clear in their own minds, but the fact that all were obviously thinking of similar things and calling them different names, or thinking of different things and calling them the same name, raises the issue of definition.

Most business people know the value and importance of marketing. There will, however, be heated discussions as to the value of advertising and branding. And thrown in amongst it all will be talk of design.

When I talk of branding, I’m usually referring to the visual form of the branding; I’m a graphic designer so that’s what I know. But I’m not talking about branding as a strategy or component of a broader strategy.

In marketing terms there are normally three avenues of approach. Advertising, Referrals and Public Relations. Each has it’s own sub categories and associated tactics. A branding strategy will generally sit above all three and create the character and feeling for the different approaches.

So where does design fit in?

Lets start with what it isn’t. It isn’t another sub-category of marketing. It isn’t a sub-category of advertising. It isn’t even a sub-category of branding.

Design is the component that gives a physical form to all the ideas.

All the ideas that are marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding. Design even gives form to referral marketing, where it is required to be more than just spoken words.

Wherever a marketing strategy is meeting with its final audience, design has to give it a form. That may be a press ad, poster or direct mail piece in an advertising campaign. It may be logos and iconic imagery in a branding campaign. It may be this identity applied to written materials or trade show appearances in PR activities. Marketing support from printed collateral or websites need a physical, or electronic form to be available to their audience. All these are created by the designer.

Chronologically, design fits in after the marketing ideas and strategy have been formulated and prescribed. Your designer may help and advise on these matters sometimes, adding subtleties and refinement to the strategy, but their role is not the creation of the ideas initially. This is the role of the business owner and their marketing experts, whether in house or outsourced consultants.

Design is a separate and essential component of the overall business strategy. Not done instead of advertising or branding, and not excluded because referrals or PR have taken its place. Design is crucial for all, or any, of these components to work effectively.

Clearly, design needs these ideas in order to give them a form, and would just be pretty pictures without them. But without design, these ideas will remain just that. Wonderful ideas in the minds of their creators, with no audience to benefit from them, or to ultimately buy from your business.

What to give some form to your great marketing ideas?

Think design.